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Manitoba Lamb

Now taking orders for Fall 2022.

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"Natural Lamb"

At Seine River Shepherds we pride ourselves on raising the finest lamb in Manitoba. Our lambs are born in early May and pasture raised under the blue prairie sky. They are moved through a rotation of lush green pasture until early fall. We finish our lambs on our own harvested hay and local grain. Our market lambs receive no hormones or antibiotics.

Lambs are ready from October through March. They are government inspected and generally weigh between 45 and 55 lbs dressed weight. We can deliver the lambs to your butcher or arrange to have it cut and wrapped for you.

We will call to make arrangements for delivery or pick up. If you have any questions please give us a call. Mail, fax, email, or phone your order in early to avoid disappointment.


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Lamb Prices
Whole Lamb $8.00 / lb   Breakfast Sausage $10.50 / pkg
Ground Lamb $10.00 / lb   Garlic Sausage $10.50 / lb
Leg of Lamb $10.50 / lb   Lamb Liver $8.00 / pkg
Leg Steaks $10.50 / lb  
Boned Rolled Shoulder $12.00 / lb  
Shoulder Chops $9.00 / lb      
Loin Chops $12.50 / lb      
Rack of Lamb $14.50 / lb      


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