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Farm Profile


Who are the Seine River Shepherds?

Seine River Shepherds is a 120 acre family run sheep farm located along the Seine River just east of the village of Ste. Anne. Our flock of ewes is carefully selected to provide both premium quality market lambs and superior, award winning wool.

By providing value added lamb and wool products direct to the customer, we are able to maintain our farm operation on a scale reminiscent of the original family farms of this area.

Our year starts in April with the shearing of the flock. The

 month of May is taken up with the lambing season. In mid June we walk the flock across the highway to the summer pasture. Our ewes will usually have 2 or 3 lambs to look after during the summer season. While the sheep harvest their own summer feed, we are busy on the tractor putting up hay for the following winter.

In mid September we bring the flock back into the yard for winter. This is the time of year when we choose our replacements and create breeding groups.

By early December, we are settled in for the long Manitoba winter, with the flock out in the barn working on their new fleeces.


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